March 26th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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It's been an eventful twenty-four hours.

Last night, after our tasty Mexican-style meal, brushette and I were banished out the front door, since I caved in and fed her a piece of quesadilla. Naughty me. We proceeded to walk eight blocks in the rain; the beagle keen until we were accosted through the fence by a pair of German Shepherds; me, not nearly so keen.

We followed that by dragging a less than excited forestcats to watch a Netflix DVD of The Great Dictator, a 1940 release, Charlie Chaplin film that flips off Hitler and Mussolini. I was very impressed with the work.

Up early the next morning, we loaded the back of the truck, and then left with all three dogs. We ended up in the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Center in the middle of the San Fernando Valley at an Agility Show; no prizes, just for the experience. Being that we were only a very few miles from my parents' place, we invited them to join us, and they arrived just as brushette started her first run. She did quite well, and didn't go haring off on her own, off the course. When she and Sirius tired, we loaded up and went over to my parents for some lunch, and to let the dogs run in their backyard, to my Father's delight. Sirius kept jumping in the pool, sometimes just to wet her feet, but other times she'd swim. However, Barbie, the 15-year-old Australian Shepherd, accidentally backed up in the pool, and I just barely managed to grab her and pull her out before she went under. I ripped my jeans leg doing it, but some things are worth it.

Then home. Whew!