April 1st, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


I finished Engaging the Enemy by E. Moon today; it fits in with an ongoing series whose previous novels names I cannot at this time recall. It was absorbing, and led me along nicely, and leaves itself open for further books in the series. Worth reading.

I also read a couple of comics, including Lucifer #72, which really sounds like it's soon to wind down, and Rising Stars: Untouchable (I think...) #2 which is better than some others in the follow-on series have been.

I forgot to mention something odd that I noticed last Sunday. We were driving fairly early in the morning, west-bound on the I-210 nearing Pasadena's eastern boundary, when I saw a pair of parrots flying over the freeway. Green birds are NOT typical to this region, I assure you...

I was a bit feverish last night, and I'm feeling a bit under the weather right now, so I will probably rest up this afternoon, or at least just do a little clean-up downstairs, in preparation for Dungeonmaster tonight. I really want to see who shows up from over a thousand miles away...
Dead Dog Cat


While resting in between phone calls, I finished another book, this being:

Forgotten English: A Merry Guide to Antiquated Words, Packed with History, Fun Facts, Literary Excerpts, and Charming Drawings by Jeffrey Kacirk, which is a collection of antiquated and unused verbiage of interesting provenance. I've actually seen or read some 10% or more of these words, and a very few, I use on occasion.