April 5th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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I had been looking forward all day to going to woodcarving class, as it had been two weeks and I hadn't had the time to do much. However, the rains here interfered, and it was cancelled. I went to the shop, was told it wasn't going to take place, and moved on.

Got home. It was raining heavily. Parked the car out front, because our driveway is presently full of a trailer and two trucks. As I approached our front walkway, my feet slipped left, and I fell, landing on my shoulder bag with my right ribs, and right knee. I had the wind knocked out of me, and pretty bad pain in the side, to the point that I was afraid of rib fractures. I managed to get up, gather my fallen articles, and get into the house, where I could barely straighten. I worked my way upstairs, and out of wet clothing; soon my beloved brought me some very delicious soup.

When I was more stable, we watched a bit of TV, and then put on the newly arrived disk from Netflix: Wonderfalls disk 1. How delightfully quirky! I really enjoyed it.

I did get a chill last night; perhaps a reaction to the shock of the injury. However, forestcats called me in sick, and I'm recuperating at home, instead of fighting my way to work in the rain.

I've got books to read, DVDs to watch, and computer software to update or replace, so I'll have things to keep me occupied.