April 9th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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I saw someone else doing this, and I thought I'd play along:

The first 45 I ever bought: I bought two the same day, one being Crosby, Stills, Nash Suite: Judy Blue Eyes and the other was The Electric Indian Keem-O-Sabe.

The first record album I ever bought: Age of Aquarius by The Fifth Dimension.

The first CD: I really don't remember.
Dead Dog Cat

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So, a couple of comics passed under my eyes recently.

The first was The Winter Men #4 of 6. I still find it pretty good, and I'm looking forward to the next in the series.

The second was The Book of Lost Souls #6. This run is very interesting, with art by Colleen Doran, and scripting by JMS. I recommend it.

I'm hoping to finish at least one more book today, but we'll see how that goes.

Last night, forestcats and I watched a couple more episodes of fifth season Gilmore Girls on DVD from Netflix. Pretty solid.