April 13th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


I ordered this book from Amazon.com, see. It was written by a Paul C. Doherty. I thought it was the same person who writes under a number of pseudonyms out of Britain, named P. C. Doherty or Paul Doherty. However, it isn't.

The book is called: World Leaders Past & Present: King Arthur, and is a very simplistic retelling of a number of the Arthurian legends and how they came to be.

Not much of a good read, but perhaps useful for an interested high schooler. I'm going to drop it off at my office in the waiting room, for want of a better place.

I got off work early yesterday to be able to pick up forestcats and mosey on down to Seal Beach/Huntington Beach to my Aunt and Uncle's condo to meet up with the whole family for the First Seder of Passover. It was relaxing; I had a pretty good interaction with my nephew; my nieces were fairly oblivious; the food was better than I'd expected.

On the injury front, I'm still pretty uncomfortable. How dare it feel so good on Tuesday?