April 17th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


Received recently, and rapidly read a collection of Robert Heinlein short stories called Off the Main Sequence. These were mostly things that I'd read in the past, and I found them generally good. It's titled that because most of RAH's short works fit into a specific Future History that he worked out with the editor of Astounding Science Fiction; these didn't.

I also read through three comics. First was Shaolin Cowboy #6, a strange piece; not quite as violent as previously. Then was Desolation Jones #6, which might be the last of the series; it tied up a number of loose threads, but I think it's open to further works. Third was Black Gas #2, which is Warren Ellis doing zombie work; eh.

Dungeonmaster was solid Saturday night, and I think it really got back into its roots. Lately, the stories have been more interwoven, but if you miss an episode, or if there's too much time between episodes, the thread isn't holding it together as well. The action is still good, but the depth is harder to maintain. Anyway, it was a fun episode, with one new player, and one Guardian of the Flame in the party; It was cool to watch.

Afterwards, the cast and crew struck the theater; everything was packed up to be moved later to the new venue. Luckily, considering my side pain, several of our teen audience members helped carry the carpet to forestcats's truck. I only had to get it out and under the eaves for its protection. We'll then get to drag everything to the new venue next month.

Saturday was also forestcats and my opportunity to seek out unusual meats for the impending Carnivore's Feast. So far, I want to try the antelope, and kangaroo; IF we get some musk ox, later, I'll try that, too. I'm not sure how we'll prepare those meats, but we'll give it a whirl next Sunday.

Lots of clean-up yesterday; more to be done daily until the party.

Before we slept, last night, we finished the second disk of Wonderfalls, which got really kind of eerie, and wierd. I think that there's one more disk to the series...