April 20th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

#36, 37

I managed to finish two books in the last 24 hours:

First was by Simon R. Green, called Drinking Midnight Wine. This is an urban fantasy of a sort, and it did bring me along adequately, but I found it somehow unsatisfying.

The second was another graphic novel, this one by JMS, called Strange: Beginnings & Endings, which, even though I haven't previously been reading the Dr. Strange comic books, I found rather engaging, and interesting. JMS's take on a lot of comic icons are rather iconoclastic, and I've enjoyed most.

In addition, yesterday included two comic books. One was Rising Stars: Untouchable #3, which wasn't too bad, and the other was Supreme Squadron #2, which was fair. Not as good as the graphic novel above, in either case.

Clean-up and prep work continues for the upcoming Carnivore's Feast, and we're looking forward to it. It's hard to tell how many we'll have with us, but if it doesn't beat last year's count, it won't be by much.