April 24th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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The day after.

The wreckage of the Carnivore's Feast is now mostly ensconced in the trash barrels; the jumpy tent has been picked up, the firepit is cooling, the rental chairs and tables have been loaded. forestcats, brushette, Sirius, and Barbie are asleep, as are the cats.

So many dishes were prepared and tossed to the ravening horde. Kudos to maedb and jamiethered for coming early and being great helps. Thanks to axelicious for bringing another grill, and we're all proud of the fine job you did with the trout. All hail forestcats for the skills in the kitchen, and the ability to ferret out unusual exotic meats for all to nibble. Thanks to all who brought side dishes to add to the fun.

The kangaroo steaks were quite tasty, though the kangaroo meatballs didn't turn out as well as hoped. I had small bits of nearly everything, but I hope that folks will post about which they liked and why, as the days ensue.

However, we are stuck with a large amount of frozen and defrosted meat that we have to use up, somehow, before Thanksgiving...

...and to the twelve folks who RSVPed that they were coming and no showed, may a wandering hoot owl crap in your margarita.