April 25th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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So, last night, we started working our way through the leftover meat; fried some chicken smothered in blue cheese; cous cous on the side. Yummy. But there's much more meat to go. Oy.

We also got another Netflix arrival yesterday, and immediately plugged it in to watch one of the five episodes on it; it was Wonderfalls disk three, and we finally caught a glimpse of the actress who in Firefly, played the mechanic. Four more episodes to go; I suspect that we'll get through them in the next couple of days.

There's still small bits of clean-up left to do, post party. We have to return the spare grill, but the folks to whom it belongs aren't in town just now. Also, trash day is going to be a real joy (not). But that's going to get done, a little at a time.

Just got a call from bigsqueezer from the road in Missouri. He was bored, and looking to chat with someone. He didn't realize what time it would be here. However, very rapidly, we lost his signal, as he was going up and down in canyons, so that was a truncated conversation.

Oh, and in about 2 hours, I'm offcall. *sigh*