April 29th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Services last night were a bit marred by some dissension in the Havurah. Hopefully, it will all shake out without any further repercussions, but we overheard one member say that he wouldn't be returning. I hope it was just a momentary thought, and not something that he will take to heart, as we enjoy his attendance.

The DVR is slowly getting stocked with material to be watched later. Thus, in the future, there will NOT be 500 channels of nothing to watch.

Today will include a belated birthday party for our friend, vampireanneke, as well as a visit to my old alma mater, UCLA, for the LA Times Festival of Books. I'm looking forward to that; you never know what you will find in the tents that pop up all over campus.

After the emotional outlay at work and at the services yesterday, I was too exhausted to consider going to Max Goblin Presents. I have my fingers crossed that the show is continuing to improve.

Last night, before crashing into bed, forestcats and I finished watching Wonderfalls, the last two episodes. The final episode was somewhat satisfying, but some of the 13 episodes were weird, or unsatisfactory in some fashion. I wasn't a fan of Joan of Arcadia, but I think that coming right out and saying that the protagonist was speaking with God worked better than the animal toys doing the speaking. I also wasn't excited by the cryptic statements given by the animals. Still, I found the characters engaging, and the situations were generally interesting. Had it lasted, I might have started watching, but until we got the DVR, I probably would have missed the episodes, as I do most shows.