May 1st, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


Thanks to erich_schneider for lending me this next book:

Knights of the Dinner Table: Bundle of Trouble: Volume Twelve is another compilation of strips from gaming magazines. Far too many of the situations emulated the history of my gaming groups in one fashion or another. Funny, but generally for gamers.

Saturday was busy, what with the LA Times Festival of Books at UCLA. It's always bittersweet for me to go back to the old alma mater, as it has changed in many ways since I was a student. My knowledge of campus helped in getting us near where we needed to be to park, but it wasn't perfect knowledge, as there are so many new buildings and so much construction still going on on campus. I only purchased five books, and three of those were from the student store, though there were discounts that day.

We did see a rock group of authors perform, including Amy Tan, which was enthusiastic and fun. There was also a lecture by one of the Food Network stars, De Laurentis (can't recall her first name) who graduated from UCLA, so that was kind of cool as well.

We followed that by joining vampireanneke at her birthday picnic just outside RenFaire, and then toddled on to her home, where the Kill Bills were on TV. From there, home.

Sunday was a bit lazier. The Evil Couch made me take naps, after we did some grocery shopping, and took the dogs to Dog Park. The shopping was odd, in that while we were at the meat counter, we were accosted by several folks of our acquaintance, the first and strangest of which was Beth, one of my old staff from Friendly Hills, who I haven't seen in about ten years. Apparently her mother lives near our grocery store, and Beth is now an RN living in Palm Springs. The two of them were shopping, and Beth recognized forestcats and I. That was followed by meeting the woman who helps train Sirius, brushette and forestcats in agility, who is just back from a vacation; then our next door neighbor showed up. Fun, cute, odd.

The rest of the day disappeared into the couch. ZZZZZ!