May 3rd, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Woodcarving class was a little disappointing, last night, though I got a lot of work done.

The instructor forgot to bring several things that he'd promised, so I couldn't yet finish the staff that I've carved. He also forgot the dragon example that he was suggesting as the model for the new staff carving that I'm working on. So, instead, I worked at "cleaning up" the pepper tree wood staff that he'd given me, getting rid of the irregularities and bumps away from the work area that I'll do my primary carving on.

Then it was off to hospital rounds.

When I got home, forestcats was away, so I watched a George Carlin piece from HBO that we'd captured on the DVR. It appears that the DVR is full already, as several episodes of one thing or another that I'd wanted to take notes from had been deleted. I wonder how much the thing can hold?
Dead Dog Cat


I finished the latest Jim Butcher paperback this morning, Dead Beat, which details his fight against necromancy in Chicago, though in his Chicago, the University of Chicago is in Lincoln Park, not Hyde Park, a distinction that I found rankling. Even so, it's a good read.

I find myself a trifle stressed and irritable today. I'm not sure exactly why. I shall have to try to be cool, and keep myself in check.