May 4th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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...and the beat goes on...

I'm just surly tired, I guess.

I went on a search for the new Butcher novel; all of the Borders stores had already sold out, and none of them were restocking. They all wanted me to order it. I left in a huff, saying that I'd just get it via, since they couldn't be bothered to keep a brand new book in stock (since it had been released Tuesday). However, Barnes & Noble had ONE copy left... Fume. And why the hell am I so irritable. Can't figure it out.

I should be working for a short while on Saturday, and then there is a woodcraft show at the Pomona Fairgrounds this weekend. I think I may make a pilgrimage, though I'm not sure what I'll see or do there.

Friday night, I have to be ready to give a short talk about this week's Torah reading. I have to find time to get online and review what's upcoming.