May 8th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

#42, 43, 44

It's been a good weekend for finishing some reading:

First was the lent graphic novel called Knights of the Dinner Table: Bundle of Trouble: Volume Fourteen, more of the comic that makes light of the lifestyle of the gamer. Thanks again, erich_schneider!

Then, I moved on to an older reprint of Osprey Men-At-Arms #26: Royal Scots Greys. This book goes into the regimental history of one of Britain's (Scotland's) famous regiments; I chose it due to our having once had a horse that could have served in the regiment. There's a famous painting of the regiment charging the French at Waterloo; when our one horse went racing around the corral, it caused some thunder in the house. I can't begin to imagine what it must have been like to have 500 such horses charging. Anyway, interesting.

Then, I read Osprey Men-At-Arms #224: Queen Victoria's Enemies (4): Asia, Australasia and the Americas. I've followed these mostly because I read George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman series of books, and many of his enemies come from amongst those in this set of Osprey books. Again, interesting.

So, after work Saturday, I purchased a couple of comic books at the Free Comic Book Day, but the freebie I got was a Heroclix figure of Wolverine, which I later gave to forestcats. Eat your heart out, sekl. I promptly read the two comics, the first being Lucifer #73, which is clearly winding down, and then Neverwhere #7, which is pretty good.

Following the stop at the comic store, I went to the Pomona Fairgrounds. Once having paid for my parking, I headed in to go to the Woodworking show. Now, the Fairgrounds usually has several things going on, all at the same time. There was a drag racing activity going on somewhere...I didn't see it, but I could hear it. So, I figured that if I didn't enjoy the Woodworking show, I might just stick my head in at one of the other activities.

The Woodworking show was, for the most part, about heavy home machinery. A grand total of two of the booths carried any of the carving tools that I might have had interest in, one being the same stuff I can get at Rockler's, where my class is held; the other was imported Japanese tools at a premium price. There was also a booth of local carvers showing off their stuff, but they were a bit standoffish, and I didn't push. Besides, they were from carving clubs that met either distantly, like the San Fernando Valley, or on nights that I work.

Leaving there, I went over to the Militaria show. There was a costume contest going on, with various people dressed as generals, or soldiers, of various armies and eras. The ubiquity of German/Nazi uniforms gave me pause, to say the least. Prowling there, I found a necklace that I purchased and later gave to forestcats, and the Osprey books mentioned above. I also discovered the value of a trophy that my uncle, who served in WWII in the US Army Medical Corps in Europe, gave me years ago. I have a forage cap from a German Wehrmacht soldier; I found one on a fellow's table that was very comparable (though larger), and he had it priced at $775.00. I nearly fainted. I have the guy's card; we'll see.

Bored with there, I moved on to the Computer Fair. I usually don't go there, because most of what they sell is of interest only to those who build their own computers, and I don't profess to be capable in that area. However, I was there, I'd already bought the parking, why not take a peek.

The first thing I noticed was that the venue was smaller. Next, the quality of the merchandise had deteriorated. The quality of the software for sale was much worse. And then, I ran into a couple who had been patients of mine over eight years ago, when I worked for Friendly Hills Medical Group. Stunning. We chatted for a good long while, and then they pressed on me a free Playstation Game. We exchanged information, and who knows, maybe they'll come to me again for medical care.

Home again; Judy appears carting a tiger cub, a chipmunk, and a squirrel. No, they weren't all in one cage. forestcats was in seventh heaven; you should all check out her posts from this weekend, as they contain photos of same. The cub, seven weeks old, was larger than any of our cats, and some of our dogs.

Sunday morning we were out before I really wanted to be, carrying the carpet to the new Dungeonmaster venue, which is a much nicer, and more professional-looking site. It's not two blocks off of the Hollywood Freeway at Gower, and should be easy for any of the audience to find. All of the props will be stored there, so that in the future, a large selection of items unseen at the show for years will make a comeback. Exciting stuff!

I mostly ended my day yesterday watching Collateral, which was a standard action/adventure set in LA. Too much was telegraphed; not a great picture, Tom Cruise in it as the heavy or not.

...and now, I'm struggling with a touch of bronchitis, but I will go in to work. I started antibiotics last night.