May 11th, 2006

skeleton hands and kitten

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For some reason, while showering today, I was thinking about how having a little information is more dangerous than having none.

I recall when I worked at a hospital as a janitor, long ago, working one Independence Day and seeing casualties being brought in after surviving an explosion. Someone had heard that acetylene is lighter than air, and he managed to combine a weather balloon and a tank of acetylene with the intent of causing a fireball at some marked elevation. Unfortunately for all involved, a spark blew it up on the ground, puncturing the foolish fellows ear drums and causing minor burns on several folks.

In my own life, one night I was trying to make dinner for two friends (Jeff and Patrick). I had a wok, and I'd used it once to good effect, and I thought I could do it again, without the assistance of a cookbook. So, having not yet cut up the meat or vegetables, I poured oil in the wok "to heat up" while I chopped. So, when the oil reached the flashpoint, I was unprepared. Patrick panicked, but Jeff, thinking quickly simply put the lid on it, and the room filled with smoke as the fire went out. Stupid, I know. Nowadays, I don't even start heating the wok until the cutting is all done.

How do we ever manage to survive?