May 12th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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What a night last night.

Evening office hours and we had a patient who'd been having chest pain all day. He made no big deal about it when he called for an appointment, but we did get him a same-day slot; when he told me his symptoms (left-sided chest pain, radiation to left arm, broke out in a sweat, nausea) which he'd had since morning, AND he'd gone to work, I ordered an EKG, right away. One look at the EKG, and we called the paramedics.

Patient: "I can't spend the night in the hospital. I have to go to work in the morning."

Me: "You can miss work by being in the hospital. Or you can miss work being a corpse."

When I showed the EKG to the paramedic, he said, "He's having a heart attack, right now!"

My response: "That has something to do with why I called you."

Today, the cardiologist called; the patient had a coronary artery angiogram last night before midnight. The arteries aren't clean, but they weren't blocked. He'll be hospitalized for a few days while his heart stabilizes.

But while I was dealing with this, my beloved was trying to get me on the phone. Apparently an acquaintance of ours was teetering on the brink of suicide by police officer. Drunk, he was going off the deep end. She brought him to our house to try to settle down, and get him away from trouble. I got home, and had to chew him out for his behavior; he's started on medications to keep him from delerium tremens, which could be fatal, but I'm angry at him because instead of dealing with his situation in a positive way, he's acted out and forced others to take responsibility for him. In this area, I'm really pissed off; it's one thing for us to offer to help others and try to do well by people, but I don't deal with alcoholics in that way, because helping them isn't helping them. They have to hit bottom and get clean before any help has any effect.

I'm still angry about him ruining last night; forestcats is still upset at how her buttons were pushed. Not a good opening to a very busy weekend.