May 14th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Saturday morning started with services at the Havurah; I haven't been able to attend Saturday services usually, because I used to have Saturday office hours. I was awarded with an opportunity to stand up and give the prayers over the Torah, which was nice. We followed it up by a fairly decent spread for the Oneg Shabbat.

We then wandered over to the comic shop, where, while my beloved chatted with the storekeeper about his trip to New Orleans for the Jazz Festival, I picked up Wolfskin #1, a new title for Warren Ellis. Gorey, but a vaguely interesting start. I'll see where he's going with this.

We then wandered over to our auto mechanic's shop, and sat under a tree chatting; he's got some hay to deliver to us, for the horses.

I took a nap in the afternoon, and then we took the dogs to Dog Park, allowing us to rest in the shade, while they wandered about, meeting other people and dogs, and playing a bit. Afterwards, Sirius started limping on the R rear leg again. It was pleasant enough under the shade, with a nice breeze.

In the early evening, I did some maintenance work on the computer, and got my PDA to connect again with it (phew!). I followed that by watching some materials off the DVR, including a show by Anthony Bourdain from the Travel Channnel, in which he was sampling the foods of Osaka, Japan, which was interesting, and I watched Troy, which was not. When it wasn't boring, it was slow, and as I expected, the combat scenes were not particularly realistic.

Off to Mother's Day.

Best wishes to all who read my journal that have borne children!