May 15th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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So, for Mother's Day, we piled out of here early and drove to Encino; except for a burned out circuit breaker on the way, all was reasonably fine.

We ate at Delmonico's Lobster House for their brunch. Now, I've heard tell that Sunday Brunch is hated by those who work in restaurants; up early, have to make lots of second-class food, grumpy patrons, etc. At this place, the food was at best, so-so, but we were busy being a family, and didn't pay it much mind. Service was excellent, though, which was a plus. We gave my Mom one of the carvings; she seemed delighted.

Afterwards, we wandered to my parents' place; chatted for a bit, then took my Dad to CostCo where we bought him a 1Gig SD card for his camera, before his trip to the Baltic. We also got the food for the party following Dungeonmaster. When we got back to their home, forestcats and my Mom started going through ancient family photos, and tried to identify the family members therein. We now have a large number of photos dating back to the 20s or earlier which are going to be scanned in, and copied to CDs.

We then got a call from axelicious, asking when we were expected. We then loaded up, and about 20 minutes later, we were unloading at the new Dungeonmaster venue in Hollywood, near Gower and the 101 Freeway.

The new venue is great! Much better lighting effects, good sound, and legion_myers did a great job with reading the speech setting the tone. Great background stuff. Two newbies joined the party from the audience, both of whom are in the theater group that works out of there. Two more intend to put in their names next time. It was a good show.

Following the show, we had sandwiches and cake to celebrate the move. Not bad.

Then home, sleep, MORNING!

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OK, so it's an odd life we lead.

A few days back, forestcats was astonished to see a white peahen (as in peacock) wandering around our street. She got out of her truck, and chased the bird out of the street, and it ended up on a neighbor's roof.

Now, some of you have been up our stairs, and you know that at the top of the stairs, there's a south-facing picture window, looking out on our forest, towards the street.

Yesterday morning I was walking along the upstairs corridor, and noticed movement at the window. I turned, and was stunned to realize that we had a Peeping Tom, or in this case, a Peeping Peahen. The white bird was marching back and forth in front of our window. Yes, forestcats got photos of it. When we left for the Mother's Day brunch, it was still marching, though we didn't see it up there when we got home about 2230hrs.

This morning, it was back.

It's wild, watching the dogs watching it march.

Should we feed it? What do peacocks and their feminine counterparts eat?

What a wild and exciting world we live in...