May 18th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat


Yesterday, I finished Osprey Campaign #164: Otterburn 1388: Bloody Border Conflict about the campaign surrounding a successful battle for the Scots against the English. Interesting, but in the end, not as useful as I'd thought it might be.

Last night, after prompting by my spouse, our mechanic, a fellow who collects animals more assiduously than does forestcats dropped by to try to retrieve the peahen from our trees. Being that the bird roosts high above the ground in our tall trees, we broke out what ladders we had. Unfortunately, all the mechanic got was a handful of feathers. This morning, the bird is no longer patrolling. Sad.

brushette and I took another walk around the block; she's pleased. No rabbits noted, though every time a jogger passed us, she had to bark at him.