May 25th, 2006

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I've been hearing about a controversy here in California that I find really stunning.

For a long time now, we in this state have been aware that a high school diploma has been a meaningless document. Too many people were being advanced through the system and being deposited in the world without the bare necessities of education that a modern nation requires, including literacy.

Recently, the state instituted an examination that has to be passed to get the high school diploma, thereby requiring that graduating seniors show bare proficiency in a number of areas, including literacy and math.

To my disgust, but not my surprise, lawyers retained by failing students managed to persuade a judge to force the school system to give these students diplomas even though they failed. The schools, rich as they are, then had to take this to the state Supreme Court, to have the lower court order knocked down, and then proceed to send this up the line to Federal District Court.

Heaven forbid that the students who worked hard to make the grade should be able to look at their diploma as an accomplishment. Why, we might cause the failing students to have hurt feelings!

I've heard the argument that the failing students are being discriminated against. They've had classes that taught the material, and they were told that they would need to know these things to pass. They chose to not study, prepare, or learn. Let them fail.