May 26th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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I ran out of time, this morning, to write a quick note about last night's festivities, so here goes:

After returning home, I lassoed the leaping beagle, and brushette and I took an evening's stroll around the neighborhood at speed. Protecting my ankle, it was a brisk walk, not a jog. We did encounter (repeatedly) the same jogger as before, but the pup didn't get quite as excited this time. Hopefully, in future, she'll be willing to let running men sprint.

Afterwards, I opened up the DVR list, and played Beetlejuice, yet another film I had never seen. I can now say that I've seen it. Huzzah.

The other films backed up on the DVR include Constantine, Racing Stripes, Slingblade, and Spiderman 2. All of them were on our Netflix list, but none of them were below 250 on said list. I almost feel forced to watch them...

You know, I don't really find myself watching the HBO shows that we can freely see until our free one month is up.