May 27th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday, we tried to get in to see X3, but due to a miscalculation, we couldn't get tickets to see it until after 10PM, and since we intended to go see Max Goblin Presents, we forewent the show, at least, for the time being.

Home, I put on Racing Stripes off the DVR, and true to predictions, we dumped it, long before it ended. Way too predictable to be enjoyed.

And then, we went off to the wilds of Fullerton. Unfortunately, the show isn't really at midnight, but apparently is at 12:30 AM on Saturday morning. There's a good crowd, some of whom stay from the Improv show prior, some of whom are casts from the earlier shows, and some of whom are there for Max Goblin.

The first time we saw it, it was chaotic and difficult to follow.

Last night? Much more professional, much more likely to ring true from a Dungeonmaster comparison. The show flowed well, the cast acted in a far more professional fashion, there was a real quest and a real endpoint, and it was really quite a major improvement. Enrique has really put it together well, and I'm happy to see that and be able to report it.

His cast is much smaller now; in fact, I think that they had 15 or so in the original show, and now there's maybe 6? They probably need two or three more, or an occasional guest spot from other folks who play in Hollywood, if they care to visit...

Anyway, it's evolving well. They're learning the lessons of how to put this show on properly, and they are advancing nicely. It's looking more solid, and they appear to have a good support system.

All the best to Max Goblin Presents!