June 4th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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This week's comics devoured included Lucifer #74, which is very obviously winding down; Rising Stars: Untouchable #4, which read fairly well, but wasn't much of a surprise; and Black Gas #3, the last of this short series, which also didn't have all that many surprises. This one is going to have a sequel, or so they say. I'm not sure I'll go with them.

After a short day at the office, and a long day struggling from hospital to hospital, forestcats and I had a good long chat, which was relaxing and lovely. When she went up to use the computer, I ran off the DVR Spiderman 2 which, for some reason, I found incomplete, or unsatisfying. It wasn't the ending, it was the totality. Sad.

Afterwards, more or less, my beloved whipped up a fantastic dinner with halibut, and green beans in a spicy sauce. Yum! It hit the spot for me, raising my spirits.

My parents called a moment or two ago, to let me know they were back from cruising the Baltic. They had a great time, and my Dad loved the digital camera we got them.