June 12th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Over the weekend, I finished another graphic novel, this one being Fables: Animal Farm. Interesting again, but slightly unsatisfying, and I can't explain why.

The weekend was busy.

Saturday morning services, I once again had an aliyah.

Saturday afternoon, we met a young woman, and forestcats passed on two kittens rescued from the yard.

From there, we went to Pasadena to meet friends from the Bay Area for dinner. Patrick Larkin, the husband/father of the family is an author whose works I've mentioned here before. Dinner and company were fine.

Sunday morning, Pat and his family joined us here, and his kids took the donkey, Booboo, for a stroll. The children enjoyed their visit here, and the dogs and cats seemed content.

Sunday afternoon, we stopped at my parents' place, and they've returned from a trip to the Baltic. They brought me a tall, peaked wool hat from Estonia or Latvia, which I subsequently wore to Dungeonmaster. We ate out with them at Versailles, a Cuban restaurant chain here in the LA area.

Dungeonmaster used mental imagery from Firefly this time.

And now, back to being oncall.