June 17th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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The weekend is in some serious flux, here.

First of all, I was supposed to be offcall, but things have changed greatly, and I'm going to have to round at the hospitals.

This may interfere a bit with today's planned Rolemaster game, in which I'm planning to restart the campaign with new characters.

Secondly, we were supposed to host the Havurah yesterday, but Jewish services require ten people (Orthodox ones require ten Bar Mitzvahed males, ours just require ten Jewish folks), but we couldn't get the requisite numbers, so that was cancelled. Then, forestcats invited a couple from our Havurah to have dinner with us, but we had to postpone that, as we have guests sleeping over. The gentleman who was my Best Man at the wedding lives perhaps a dozen miles away; he's a lawyer. His wife's father is apparently very critically ill (and she lost her mother just a few months ago), and they are sharing time at the hospital with him. We've stepped up to babysit/watch/entertain the three kids; they're all asleep in our guest rooms right now. Yesterday, while I was at work, they were deeply enmeshed in the joys of cable TV, as they don't have it at home. They also were overjoyed to have the opportunity to play with the newly-found kittens that forestcats managed to scavenge from our yard. The donkey, Booboo, has apparently also been deeply appreciated.

But now, I must perform my ablutions, and get my fanny out to the hospitals, so I can be ready before the gamers arrive.