July 4th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday, after getting a few things done online, we were blessed by a visit from mieaga who went riding on one of the horses (Kaylee?), while forestcats at first participated, and then, called away by a neighbor (who found more kittens locally produced), refused to bring in more itty bitties.

Off I went to work; hospitals done, I returned home. When my beeper was supposed to stop being active, we went to see X3 finally, but our movie enjoyment was interupted by several pages. It finally stopped, after I missed some key scenes, but I watched the rest of the film in peace. Visually spectacular, but it didn't hold up well in my mind. Oh, and who/what was the blue fellow who was the diplomat?

Getting home, it was still relatively early, so we played another film that we'd DVRed but hadn't gotten to yet, Slingblade. I found it fairly predictable, though pretty well done.

Then off to collapse.

More hospital work today, but I don't know what else we'll be doing later. Fireworks? I'm not sure; I think we might have to babysit the beasties.