July 7th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Last night before crashing, I helped forestcats take several photographs of the yard kittens that she captured. They need homes. Go look at the above person's recent posts and be tempted.

Just before dropping off to sleep last night, I watched a Netflix DVD of Monty Python material, the Graham Chapman Personal Best or whatever it was called. The only bit of interest in it was a very short piece shot while they were in Tunisia, and Chapman was running a clinic; he was a physician, and while they were out of the country, he brought medications and took care of the whole crew. I'm not finding this particular series very interesting or useful, and they will be dumped off the Netflix list henceforth.
Dead Dog Cat

psione asked me to do this:

1) Favorite drink: Thomas Kemper's Cream Soda; Appletini
2) Favorite childhood toy: I had a moonbase set of some sort
3) Recommended place to visit: Chicago
4) If you were reincarnated, you would be: Younger
5) Life is: Yup
6) At least I'm not: dead
7) If you could create a holiday, it would be: daily
8) Your all-time favorite game is: Traveller
9) Sports or Musicals: pro football, college basketball
10) Mansion, Castle, Yacht, or Spaceship: spaceship, of course. Silly girl
11) Best advice you were ever given: Be sure that you enjoy talking to your spouse
12) Red Sox, White Sox, or Yankees: White Sox. Silly girl
13) Soccer, Badminton, Alligator-wrestling, Other (what?): I can't participate in sports anymore due to ankle injury
14) Ever been to El Carmen?: no
15) Best bar in LA: bar? what bar?
16) Worst bar in LA: bar? what bar?
17) Why are you a geek: because it's the right thing to do
18) Why are you a snob: am I? I don't feel snobbish
19) Fave genre (fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, romance, etc): SF. Not sci-fi.
20) What super-hero power do you wish to have: Brainiac 5's brain.
21) Comic books - yay or nay?: yay, if the writing is worthy. 90% of everything is crap
22) Wall Street Journal - yay or nay?: nay
23) Scariest Monster: the one you can't see
24) Best cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
25) Best action hero: James Bond
26) Post a question: What's your favorite cereal flavor?