July 10th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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I managed to finish one book yesterday, and one book in the wee hours of today.

First was Path of the Assassin: Volume 1: Serving in the Dark, a manga done by the same team who did Lone Wolf and Cub. Interesting, in it shows the relationship forming between the man who becomes the great Shogun of Japanese history, and the man who becomes his famed spy and assassin.

Second was Labels for Locals: What to Call People from Abilene to Zimbabwe, a list of such things, which, per se, isn't all that useful, but for future writing endeavors, might be put to good use.

Saturday, after a fairly pointless attempt at negotiating my contract at work, we went to my Aunt & Uncle's place in Seal Beach to have dinner and help them with various computer issues. That all worked out well, thank goodness.

Dungeonmaster took place yesterday, with limited response in terms of filling seats. The show was pretty good, though there were only four audience participants. This, however, kept them more on their toes, to keep alive. It appears that the second show this month will have to be cancelled due to the encroachment of Comic Con, but there will be an extra show next month with the one being performed at the World Science Fiction Convention at the Anaheim Convention Center. More details to come. Next show will be the return of Bruce, while the last show of August appears to be another Guardian of the Flame adventure.