July 13th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

My birthday, yesterday

We open on Tuesday, with mieaga coming over to housesit, since we are presently inundated with kittens who need close personal care. She also fed the horses, donkey, cats and dogs. Isn't she the best?

forestcats and I then packed up and drove up to a cabin we'd rented in the Lake Arrowhead region. Why? Well, we like popping up to the mountains once in a while, though we usually go to Big Bear Lake instead. I asked to make it Lake Arrowhead this time, just to see what it's like. For starters, apparently much of the nightlife rolls up the sidewalks at 8:30 PM; the only place we found open when we got up there was Burger King, and it closed fifteen minutes later than our arrival time.

We took a long soak in hot water, to unwind, and then watched a bit of mieaga's copy of Red Dwarf volume one. I wasn't sufficiently impressed to go too far with it. What actually happened is that both of us fell asleep, hard, and deeply, to the point of not even getting under the covers. Quick, deep, restful.

We woke the next morning, feeling rather dried out. We'd drunk the bottle of sparkling apple juice that the hotel'd left us for my birthday, and the drinks that we'd purchased from Burger King, but it took a long time to moisten my eyes. We slowly worked our way back into function, reading a bit, and then we packed up, checked out, and went wandering the Lake Arrowhead Village.

In the morning, the lake was visible, rather than guessed at. Being used to Big Bear Lake, I was shocked to see that nearly the entire perimeter of the lake was covered with docks and boats. The only places that weren't so imbued were the points where it was very steep at the waterline. Secondly, the Village was essentially an outlet shopping mall, with little to recommend it. The surrounding hills were covered in expensive homes. There didn't appear to be any nature walks or hikes; not like Big Bear.

We finally lunched, adequately, at a Belgian Waffle place. Having eaten, and wandered around what there was to wander, we headed back down the hill.

We made two stops before home; one at Victoria Gardens, where I picked up some men's care products I'd wanted to try. The other was at a newly opened Barnes & Noble, where I found nothing I wanted to purchase. I am trying to conserve my funds for the WorldCon, though I'm expecting a few things to be released prior to the convention.

Home, earlier than expected, we relaxed a bit, and took a few calls with my family. For dinner, we went to Greenfields, a churrascaria in the Covina area, and chowed down.

Not a bad birthday, all-in-all, with a bit of adventure and relaxation thrown in.
Dead Dog Cat

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I finished a couple of books in the last couple of days. The first one was a gaming book for Dungeons & Dragons, which was called Savage Species: Playing Monstrous Characters, which I thought might fit in well with my gamemastering. It's not as helpful as I would wish, but has a few useful points.

Then, last night, I finished another book by P. C. Doherty, this one being a sequel (second of three, to be exact) of a political novel of ancient Egypt, called The Season of the Hyaena, which I found to be a better read than the initial book, An Evil Spirit Out of the West. I think that the next book of the series is The Year of the Cobra, but I don't have it yet; I suspect that I'll pursue it later this year, after the World Science Fiction Convention.