August 7th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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We were out of the house by nine, which is great, considering that I had thought I was going to be oncall.

We met my parents in the fashion district, as my Mother wanted to get something specific, from someplace specific for a final birthday present. My parents had never been in the Fashion District before, so I was pleased to watch my Dad purchase a sport jacket to his taste.

We followed that by a very nice Chinese meal in Chinatown, at a place called Hop Li. Very good food.

While out with them, we received an expected phone call from z23zowie, who came into town from Ohio on business. After taking our leave of my parents, we headed west to the Venice area, and met up with our Ohioan friend at a tea house, Jin Patisserie, in that area. They had a nice decaffeinated, but very flavorful tea for me, and forestcats and I had dessert while z23zowie had sandwich, iced tea, and dessert. We followed that by walking in a fairly expensive shopping district in Venice, and then tooled down to the beach, and walked the Venice Beach stroll, along with thousands of other folks. z23zowie bought a number of items to take home to her household; I found a couple of books to buy, and then our friend announced she was hungry once again, and it was time to be off to Santa Monica.

We had dinner at the Border Grill, a restaurant headed by women who used to have a Food Network TV series, called The Two Hot Tamales. The food is excellent, and our friend concurred, and overstuffed. Then it was back to our car, she, off to Oxnard and the factory she has to inspect, we back to Montclair.

Home? I would have gone straight to sleep, but apparently our backyard needed defending from an adolescent opossum, and I had to drag Sirius into the house in response, and lock all the dogs in for the night.