August 12th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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I had a night last night of unwinding, stress-unloading, etc.

I put on Who Wants to Be a Superhero? off the DVR, and forestcats and I watched it, this being the third episode. Still oddly cool, and I thought it would be a real train wreck.

I then wandered into the living room, and put on the Netflixed movie, The World is Not Enough, which was questionable, at best. For starters, plutonium is poisonous and deadly. Period. But I digress.

I also managed to gobble up two new comics, these being JMS's 'zine, Squadron Supreme #6 (not bad), and followed that by reading Buckaroo Banzai #2, which I liked, in general, but it was too disjoint, and some of the scenes didn't hang together as well as I'd have liked to have seen.

I'm just over 10% of the way into the new Tim Powers novel, Three Days to Never, and he's mentioned the oddness of there being Claremont right next to Montclair...somebody was being a smartass, at some point in history...