August 22nd, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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I suspect that I will be away from the computer for several days, so I will offer birthday greetings today to the following folks:


If I manage to get internet access for any length of time while I'm at WorldCon, I'll greet you again, on your day, but the schedule I'll be keeping looks pretty full, and I don't figure on much time to do things like EAT, let alone post.
Dead Dog Cat

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I spent a lazy couple of days the last two, copying Good Eats to VHS for future watchings, seeing some Anthony Bourdain, and what-not. bigsqueezer arrived for Worldcon, and is performing his ablutions as I type. We'll be off to the con in a few minutes, to get our ID tags, and then back to Kinko's for some printing joy for Dungeonmaster. Tomorrow, the Convention starts in earnest.