August 23rd, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Prep work for WorldCon was the theme of yesterday.

We saved some time by going to the Con and picking up our membership IDs. We wandered around there, checking out the stage site for Dungeonmaster (eh...), spoke with operations to make sure our cast has IDs for Saturday, and then we ended up entering the Dealers Room via a back door, and we spoke to folks we knew. One booth was nearly set up, being one of the T-shirt sale booths, and forestcats and I picked out some rather amusing shirts for our wardrobes. Just ahead of us, the booth staff sold shirts to Anne McCaffrey...

Then we stopped at Portillo's for lunch. Yum.

Various additional purchases and packing followed; we'll be all ready today to move into the hotel, assuming that they have the room ready for us; it might not be ready until four PM, while the con starts at ten AM...*fume*.