August 28th, 2006

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Let me start the posting (post-WorldCon posting, that is) by asking that if anyone reading this posted since Wednesday morning anything that they really want me to read or comment on, then please let me know. I'm not sure how far back LJ will let me look backwards, but I doubt I'll get all the way back to Wednesday.
Dead Dog Cat

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As most of you out there are probably aware, the 64th Annual World Science Fiction Convention was held last week in Anaheim, CA, with over six thousand attendees. forestcats and I settled into the convention hotel, on the party floor, as we had the intention of holding a party, and so we did, as I will relate later in this post.

WorldCon is pretty overwhelming; there's so much going on that you really have to plan your time to pursue only a small percentage of what's going on. During the day, there were more than fifteen tracks of lectures, performances, panels, readings, autographing, demonstrations, and the like involving hundreds of program participants. I had made a list of what I wanted to attend; I managed about a third of it, and I'm pleased that I managed so much, considering the things that I HAD to do, rather than those I WANTED to do.

Wednesday, I went to a talk about the Mars Exploration Rovers, and their photos. I did a lot of walking around the Dealers Room that day, as well, purchasing a few British edition books not generally available in the US. We went to Cafe Tu Tu Tango at the Block in Orange for dinner with Tom, which was very good. Every night, including this one, we wandered the parties, except for Friday.

Thursday, I went to Overrated Films and Overlooked Movies, where I added some names of films to my Netflix planned list, and then to Writing Military SF, and then we set up the Dungeonmaster table at the convention, and I manned it for a while. I also browsed the Dealers Room, as they had cleared some inventory and had restocked things that they didn't have out the first day; this went on all convention.

Friday, I went to Overlooked Books and Overrated Novels, then did some of the setup for our party. We then went to the Masquerade with several of the Dungeonmaster cast, and we hosted a WorldCon party for DM right afterwards. I only got out for just a second or two, to get some vodka from the Russian party.

Saturday, we spent most of the day manning the booth. I did get out to see the panel The Roles of the Game Master, where, for the most part, I was more qualified to be on the panel than three of the four. Following that was the Dungeonmaster show on the Space Port Lounge stage. We were kept waiting due to the Art Auction running long, and the sound was poor. However, the show was well-attended and there was a pretty enthusiastic response, especially from MidWesterners who had connections with the old Chicago show. More partying followed with cast members.

Sunday was sitting in line for various autographs, most specifically, Tim Powers, who was very pleasant and gracious. We then hung out until it was time to load out our friends from the Dealers Room. Straight from that, we went to Hollywood for the DM show, where there was a nice turnout.

And now, it's getting late, and I need to go to the office for work to pay for all this.

More as it occurs to me...