September 4th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Although I did work yesterday, it was something of a lazy day.

I got some time in on Morrowind, a game that I at first didn't have a sufficiently powerful computer to run, and now I find that my characters aren't sufficiently powerful to manage. I'm going to die, a lot, in this game, I can see the writing on the wall.

We watched another disk of Deadwood season 2, last night, after forestcats finished quilting with twilight, and maedb. (I had escorted them to the newly reopened (under new management) Fabric Patch, and we walked away with several shirts worth of fabric for my future wardrobe. Bliss.)

After forestcats left to use the computer, I watched a copy of Howl's Moving Castle, which had been lent to us by Shane. Interesting backstory, some of the graphics were spectacular, and I liked Billy Crystal voicing the fire elemental (I know they called it a fire demon, but I know a fire elemental when I see one). I found it to be a fun once movie...

A bit more reading, then I hear forestcats cry out, upset. At about 2300 hrs our time, they announced the death of Steve Irwin. Now, folks joked a lot about him getting bitten by one critter or another; in fact, I think there was a FedEx commercial in which SI pretends that he gets bitten by something venomous, and they forgot to use FedEx to get the anti-venom to the shoot site. However, he's always been at risk, in all of these activities he's done, and though he's a professional, and he knows what to do to minimize the risk, at some point the dice roll snake eyes (if you'll excuse the expression). The world has lost a major voice/proponent for wildlife conservation, and Australia has lost a personable young man to attract tourists and investment. It's very sad.