September 16th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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I enjoyed a couple glasses of a late harvest of some grape last night. forestcats offered to rub my back; while doing so, she was assisted, repeatedly, by brushette, who wanted to get her paws on me.

I got my hands on a new comic, Red Star: Sword of Lies #1, which is visually stunning. The storyline picks up with some history of the main characters of the previous Red Star stories; the only problem is how long it's been since the last issue release. I still like this; very Russian.

I watched Serenity on HBO last night, but it was shown in pan-and-scan, and they turned the sound way down. That was irritating. I still liked the landing sequence for the ship early in the film...

forestcats has left the house with brushette. They've gone to Chaffey (sp?) college for the Agility Trials. I'll join them later, when I get my hospital work done.