September 20th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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We spent much of last night watching the memorial service from the Australia Zoo in Queensland for the Crocodile Hunter. Such a loss, but he lived his life in close proximity to dangerous animals, and things happen.


I now have to decide what to wear to an upcoming wedding. Shall I spring for a tux or not? I tend to "not", but I must give it sufficient thought...

There's a new Heinlein novel that was released yesterday. Apparently, after Virginia Heinlein's death, the executor found papers amongst the business materials with an outline for a novel that Robert never got to, dating back to the 50s. The materials were passed on to Spider Robinson, who completed the work, updated to some degree, but apparently very much in Heinlein's style. I'm gobbling it up now.

I'm hoping to have some interesting news about an Ebay purchase/technological wonder that arrived yesterday, but first I must test it out to make sure it works well. More at another time.