September 24th, 2006

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First off, I was left breathless by reading Variable Star, based on an outline by Robert Heinlein, but written by Spider Robinson. I'm a fan of Heinlein's work, and I was blown away by how well Robinson emulated Heinlein's work, while encorporating much of his output into the weave of the words. Excellent, if you liked Heinlein's books.

Then, this morning, I also finished a book I've been working through for a while, called Uncommon Carriers, which is a series of essays by John McPhee, which deal with different aspects of the US cargo transportation, including such things as railroads, barge traffic, sea captains, UPS, and others. I found most of the essays very interesting, and they gave a certain insight into their topics. I've enjoyed McPhee's work whenever I've had the chance to read them.