September 30th, 2006

Londo Purple

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We just had to get out of the house last night, and ended up at Victoria Gardens, a new open-air mall near my work. I scored some new pants for work, which I was started to need, desperately, and later we ate dinner at P.F.Chang's which was pretty good stuff. However, they have a carriage wandering the streets there, what with all the teens with money burning a hole in their pockets. It just happens that they have hitched to the fairy godmother carriage a demon-spawn of equine conformation. forestcats is pretty solidly certain that that was Chenin, a Percheron mare who spent a couple of years in our backyard, destroying all she could come in contact with. My feeling is, good. Work her hard. She actually looks like she's packed on more muscle, most likely from having lots of pasture to graze, and lots of work to keep her strong. Better there, than in our backyard.

After I get my work done, I'll be off to join in the festivities surrounding the bachelor party of axelicious, so if you want me, call my cell phone; who knows, I might even be able to guide you to that party animal...
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One other thing happened last night that I've been pondering. While we were perambulating about Victoria Gardens, we stopped in a Pottery Barn while my beloved looked around for something that she didn't find. What we did discover was one of my patients working there at the time. Introductions occured, and then views exchanged about the situation at my office. These views coincided with mine, as well as my wife's; the (embarassing) good news is that the patient expressed very positively her feelings about the care I've given her.


I just wish things weren't such a mess at the office, and that we could aggregate our fecal matter adequately.
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