October 8th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Travelling by air allows me a lot of time to finish books. This weekend is a case in point:

Yesterday, I finished Some Golden Harbor by David Drake, which is another in the Leary series, and I enjoyed it. Pure space opera, mind candy, but fun.

Then, today, while waiting to board my return flight, I finished The Plague Lord by Paul Doherty, which seemed to me to be a bit forced; it deals with sorcery, disease, and politics in Kublai Khan's China. It was a so-so read, not this author's best work.
Dead Dog Cat

Here and back again, to Vegas

I was planning to write it up, but I'm forced to do some driving right now to get some of the folks home safely.

I'll post about the weekend tomorrow; suffice it to say that our friends are now married in style!