October 9th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Saturday, I arrived at a nearly empty Ontario Airport after working in the morning, and jumped into an aircraft headed to Las Vegas, so that I could join in the festivities of the wedding of axelicious and themodeinliz. Henceforth designated Mike & Liz, for simplicity's sake.

I'm stunned that our landing didn't leave an impact crater; we hit hard, and much too fast, and we nearly ran out of runway on the braking. The flight attendant, announcing our arrival, said simply: "We're here." Deadpan.

forestcats picked me up very quickly, and we joined Mike's family at their rented site for a quick dinner/party. It was nice to meet his folks, and from there, we took first took squeakytina and Jostelo back to their hotel (the Stratosphere), flushing out an Elvis impersonator (really, we did, ask them), and then took Mike back to the wedding hotel, The Artisan. Said hotel is a weird place, with art reproductions nailed up everywhere (including the ceiling in the foyer), and very dark. Might be a good Goth place, except that the place is pretty dirty, and poorly maintained. The pool is unheated, the bathroom fixtures had rust, some of the doorlocks are broken. The bathroom in our room had dead maggots scattered on the floor. Ew.

Anyway, Mike changed into his tuxedo, and I watched as he became more and more nervous. He copied his vows onto paper from his laptop, and read them aloud once or twice. I pegged him on pronounciation, and when we couldn't find a dictionary site online, I called up timmyritz to pick his brain. Pronounciation fixed, off went Mike. I also changed into a brand-new suit for the occasion, and forestcats and I went down to the event.

The wedding itself was lovely. There wasn't enough room for everyone to sit down, and there was limited access to the room, due to only one doorway. My beloved and I stood in the back, with forestcats taking lots of photos. She's already posted a few on her LJ, so go look there. After the ceremony, Mike & Liz and their wedding party took a number of photos, and then we adjourned to the reception, which was even better attended, spilling out of the room to a couple of additional tables. Open bar, snack foods, cake, and dancing up the ying-yang followed. There was toasting, with champagne! There was the traditional initial dance with the bride and groom, and they hammed it up marvelously. This was followed by Mike dancing with his mother, Liz, and then Liz dancing with her father. I danced a couple of times with my beloved, and even once with the bride! Huzzah!

Finally, we wandered off, lugging the majority of their wedding gift packages, since the couple were going off to Jamaica for their honeymoon directly from Las Vegas. forestcats and I stayed up a little while reading the special cards that folks had to fill out, with greetings to the couple, and advise for them. These are pretty cute, and will make for a lovely memory book for Mike & Liz.

Sunday morning, we sneaked up to the newly married couple's room to pass Mike's clothing and laptop back to him. Liz was still asleep, so we congratulated the new husband, and left them alone. We loaded up the truck, including Spencer and her roommate, and went to the Flamingo for brunch. Once fed, I was off to the airport, while the rest of the crew took I-15 home.

There were a few medically related problems which I helped Mike's family deal with by involving my friend Steve, a neurologist in Las Vegas, but I don't think I need to go into that. It looks like it will all turn out fine, though.

Home, I started catching up on the computer, but when forestcats arrived, she was loaded down with an additional person, and a dachsund.

Apparently, Sterling, who was carpooling with several other folks headed back from the festivities, had had a breakdown in Baker, CA, and my beloved had picked up all of them that she had room for, and continued on. They made a stop at a private zoo in Hesperia, a discussion I will leave for her, where the dog lost a certain amount of control. I was then picked up and we took sugarbabiedoll back to her apartment. Following that, my lady and I had dinner in North Hollywood at a Hungarian restaurant, where the food was solid, but not spectacular. While there, a friend from my training days called me to try to arrange our time at the upcoming medical education program, so we had to make some plans, while we finished our meal. Then home, to collapse.

...and the week begins, once again...