October 13th, 2006

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Over the last two days, I've finished a bit more historical material of the Osprey sort:

First was Osprey Fortress #51: Indian Castles 1206 - 1526: The Rise and Fall of the Delhi Sultanate, which had some beautiful photos and artwork showing some detail of how this culture built their fortifications. Interesting.

Then this morning I finished reading Osprey Campaign #164: Otterburn 1388: Bloody Border Conflict, which makes out that the wars between Scotland and England really meant something.

Last night, my beloved and I after eating dinner out sat down and watched two more episodes of season two of Lost, which were very interesting. There's hope for this show yet!
Dead Dog Cat

I feel a rant coming on

Which do you think is more valuable, hospital coverage, or coverage for medications that would limit use of hospitals in the first place?

Once upon a time, folks had neither.

Then, in 1965, Medicare was enacted, and the elderly were covered for their hospital stays, but not their medicines.

Nowadays, medication costs for those most effective and with the least side effects or drug interactions can run to hundreds of dollars per month, apiece, and most of the elderly take more than four drugs.

Even with this touted Medicare D program, most seniors use it up the first couple of months, and then can't afford the medicines. Then, without them, they end up hospitalized and sick.

Of course, the meds cost hundreds of dollars a month. The hospital costs thousands of dollars a day.

Which do you think is worth it, more?
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I've heard it said about various people in my past that they were the sort who could wear anything at all and make it look stylish. I guess that models are supposed to be like that, though I haven't previously seen any models who struck me that way, male or female.

The other day, walking through the hospital, I saw a woman walk in, and she was in my view for perhaps a grand total of six seconds.

She was wearing a set of medium-to-light blue scrubs, with a long-sleeved thermal undershirt underlying. Such a sight is common in the hospital environment, but in this case she caught my eye because here was someone who was carrying off what she was wearing with grace and self-confidence AND MAKING IT LOOK STYLISH!!!

Astonishing. I've seen such things look comfortable, or even frumpy, but never has it been carried off like that.

I'll probably never see that person again, but good for her!
Dead Dog Cat

and maybe another rant?

I live in the Greater Los Angeles area.

It's been exploding in growth for a couple of generations now.

The transportation web is severely strained; it's only going to get worse. This includes freeways, rail lines, ports, airports, buslines...just about anything you could imagine.

So, what do I hear on NPR yesterday? Newport Beach is (bribing) John Wayne Airport to keep them from expanding to help deal with the expected increases in air traffic in the future. And while we're at it, the Marine air base at El Toro isn't going to be converted into a good solid airport to help deal with the air traffic problems in SoCal, but into a grand park. Airports would lower the property value, I guess, while parks should raise them.

Now, how are the people of twenty to thirty years in the future going to get in and out of this region? I guess we'll have to hope for a Star Trek matter transporter...

Fucking NIMBYism.