October 22nd, 2006

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Over the last week, I managed to finish three books:

First was The Joke's Over: Ralph Steadman on Hunter S. Thompson. This book is written by the artist who illustrated a great deal of Thompson's prose, and he relates, in a disjoint fashion, much, but not nearly all, of their interactions. It's not exactly a satisfying book, but for those who have an interest in the Gonzo journalist, it might be worth a looksee from the library.

Next was A Sailor of Austria: In Which, Without Really Intending To, Otto Prohaska Becomes Official War Hero No. 27 of the Habsburg Empire which was a delightful book, and gave life to a dry area in my knowledge of history. Fiction, mind you, but good stuff, in a Flashman-esque manner, without being too risque.

Finally, I read a bit of fluff, being License Invoked, a piece set in pre-Katrina New Orleans, about an Irish rock group under magical attack, protected by agents of the US and UK governments from departments deeply buried. Mind candy. Not a keeper, but not a bad item from a used bookstore.

While I was off getting educated, I took a DVD player with me, and watched a few of the stacked DVDs that I hadn't gotten to, including Naqoyqatsi, which was not nearly as interesting as its predecessors, 7 Faces of Dr. Lao, which, even at its age, is still pretty delightful, and The Beast, which follows a Soviet tank during the 80s in Afghanistan. I recommend it.

I'll post about my trip in a little while.
Dead Dog Cat

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So, last Sunday, I headed out by car to Las Vegas. Stayed at The Orleans, which was a solid place, good, clean room, but I didn't care for the smoke in the Casino. Still, no more than what you can expect in Vegas.

Monday, I prowled the medical convention exhibit hall with an old college friend, Gail, for new information about upcoming drugs. I was given a few freebies, but nothing like they used to give out twenty years back. I bought some medically-related materials as well, from book dealers there.

I had planned to buy dinner at the Border Grill at Mandalay Bay, but they cancelled my reservation due to a party buying out the restaurant. I heard this happening several other times at other restaurants in Vegas, so I guess it isn't all that unusual. Instead, we went to Yolie's, a Brazilian BBQ-type place, which wasn't nearly as good as our local one, Greenfields, over in Covina. Still, Gail enjoyed it, having never gone to a Churrascaria before.

Tuesday, I wandered to a Borders, picked up a few odd books, and then found a place called Mayflower Cuisinier in the same strip mall. The food there was spectacular; something of a cross between French and Chinese. That night, a couple of doctors from OK took me to the Palms, and the restaurant there called Alize that sits 56 stories up, with views of the Strip. I liked the food, though it is expensive.

Wednesday, my beloved flew in; we lunched with her parents at a restaurant at The Orleans called Sazio, I think. Reasonable Italian. After resting up, as neither of us had been sleeping well, we went to a showing of Mystere at Treasure Island, which is one of five Cirque d'Soleil shows that are running in Vegas. It was delightful, and indescribable. We topped the evening off with catching some food at TI's buffet, which was acceptable; the couple from OK stopped in to chat for a little bit.

Thursday, my education included studying osteopathic manipulative treatments for plantar fasciitis (foot pain). It's nice to see that my hands are still skilled in that area...

Thursday afternoon, we had dinner with my in-laws, and they served Chicken Vesuvio, which was pretty good. I wrangled with my MIL's computer, and got it to run better. Then we scurried off to join the couple from OK at the MGM for dinner at L'Atalier of Joel Robuchon. The restaurant is set up to be a sushi bar, but what it really is, is a tapas bar that serves Frenchish cuisine at outrageous prices with miserable service. This is NOT a recommendation. Avoid at all costs.

Friday included a meal with friends who live in Las Vegas, and catching the movie Man of the Year, starring Robin Williams, which was very enjoyable. Then, we drove back home, to find the dogs delighted on our return.

So, why didn't I post yesterday? Well, there was the Dungeonmaster Gauntlet. We had to play the part of Dark Creepers at the start, and we were supposed to get a BBQ site for the endpoint. Let me tell you, sitting in Griffith Park, watching the squirrels and coyotes, and watching and listening to the woodpeckers was a blast. Chatting with the folks as the Gauntlet proceeded was also nice.

So, later today, Dungeonmaster will run in Hollywood!

...and life goes on...