November 6th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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In a rather confused weekend of reading, I finished five books, including two graphic novels, Y: The Last Man #2, and Reload, and three Osprey books, one about Mongols, one about Steppe wariors, and the last one about Japanese Fortified Temples. Sorry, due to the crash of the home computer's hard drive, I'm not at home to post the names of these. None of the above were "race out and buy-worthy.

I also dumped one book, called Tinker, which is a romance masquerading as urban fantasy. I just couldn't pick it up anymore. Ick.

The horrors of technology failures continued, with the small DVD player failing completely for no particular reason that I could see. I replaced it, and luckily the old battery attachs and runs the new mechanism, so now we can have spares on hand while travelling.

I watched many things while moping about the house while forestcats was away, including Kagemusha, Sanjuro, Casino, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, and The Seven Samurai. The Akira Kurosawa films above were very good; the Baron was silly and fun, Casino was serious.

I took the time to go to the Computer Fair at the Pomona Fairgrounds, and did come up with some technology that will work out nicely once we have a laptop; it's hardware and software that will allow me to connect our turntable to the laptop and be able to copy my LPs to MP3 and other formats for use in future, being that I haven't been using the LPs for a very long time. Now, we just need to make up our minds about the laptop...