November 12th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Busy weekend.

Yesterday, we had services at the Cohens' home, which were fine. We followed that by spending the day with Jeff's kids; Jeff and I tried to pick up the desktop computer, but it didn't turn out to be ready until much later that afternoon. I didn't get a chance in the afternoon to do much with it, though late that night I put it back together and started reloading software (not files, yet). In the evening, we brought Jeff's kids home, and had dinner with them, takeout Chinese. Then, we scurried over to sugarbabiedoll's play, in which she gets to show off her excellent dancing skills. Then home, due to a busy day Sunday. (Not but what I didn't stay up until 0200 loading and updating software).

Sunday AM, it was off to Kinko's to do some printing, but their computers were screwed, while I discovered that our printer had given up the ghost in the power surge. *Sigh*

Brunch was had in honor of my Father's 75th birthday. We had a very good meal in beautiful surroundings, but I was delighted to see, while I was turning the car over to the valet, that George Lucas was leaving the hotel. 'Twere the Hotel Bel Air. I spent most of the brunch riding herd on the youngest of my nieces, which was a bit of a chore, but one that I enjoyed. I watched my sisters', both, at the meal, and shared a number of odd looks with my spouse. We followed the meal with a short visit to my parents' home, along with the elder of my two sisters, and two of the youngest's kids.

We followed that by a quick stop at Kinko's, to print up invitations to Thanksgiving, and then arrived early at Dungeonmaster. Great show, and the world has been wiped clean. Guardian of the Flame adventure, show. I wonder who will join the few, the proud, the Guardians?

Work next week. *Sigh*.