November 17th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Many purchases made in advance of Thanksgiving, last night, with some new capabilities and some spare gear. We're getting down to the wire for the holiday, now.

I managed to read through two more comic books, the first being Starship Troopers: Exclusive Issue Zero, which was fairly predictable, while the second was Bullet Points, a JMS comic, redoing Iron Man in his own way, which was fairly interesting. I'm looking forward to following this limited series.

We're hosting Jewish services tonight, and I'm going to have to lead the service. It's a role I've never had to play before, and there's certain prayers that I can't admit to knowing well, so I hope one of the guys can step in and help me out. Both of us have been studying up on the Torah portion, so we can discuss it at the appropriate time...