November 27th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Over the last week or so, I've been slowly working my way through a pile of comic books, due to the joy of getting ahold of a number that Vince had for me. These include mostly stuff written by JMS with a few others.

In no particular order we have Supreme Power #14, The Amazing Spiderman #516 - 524, Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman #3, Marvel Knights Spiderman #21, Fantastic Four #527, Samurai: Heaven and Earth Volume 2 #1, Buckaroo Banzai #3, Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars #4.

I continue to not be a particular Spiderman fan, no matter what those numbers seem to say. If it weren't for the author, I wouldn't pay them the least bit of attention. It's just what he does with the characters that holds my interest.

Yesterday, while continuing the endless saga of loading software into the various computers (and mostly splitting the loads between the two, rather than duplicating it all on both), in the late afternoon we went into town to watch the Moscow Cats Theatre. En route, traffic came to a dead halt due to a massive injury accident. We lucked out, however, because the accident was only a few hundred yards ahead of us; we got off the freeway and took surface streets to the next onramp, to find an empty freeway, and we were off and running. The show itself was cute, and didn't require much in the way of verbal interaction. In the seats surrounding us was a large number of Russian-speaking folks from the local area; it was kind of interesting to listen to them speaking to each other.

Afterwards, we stopped to eat at Charlie Brown's along the 60, and then home. More software loading ensued, and I hooked up the new laser printer to the desktop, so that we have printing capability again. Interestingly, I found the reason that the Epson printer had fried: it didn't have a ground (a three-pronged plug) on its power cord. This one does, though it crashes the uninteruptable power supply when it and the desktop computer are running at the same time. I had to plug the laser printer in separately.

And so, off to work.