December 4th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday was a very busy day around here. I did plow through the internet, and I did read Fantastic Four #530, another comic written by JMS, but then we went out to get some parts to hang a hatrack (which now has my wizard's cap, my cheesehead, and my really warm hat) and a keyholder of cattails. We also went to the optometrist for exams (progressive bifocals are in the offing for me, but not for my beloved), and then to Lenscrafters to order new glasses.

And then there was Dungeonmaster. The show was quite excellent, and very difficult for the party members, who were on a Guardian of the Flame expedition, a most trying adventure in which they are graded. Two of the six successfully survived the adventure, but in the end, only one character of them all made the grade. Good for you, erich_schneider!