December 9th, 2006

Dead Dog Cat

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So, yesterday I got my hospital rounds done, then shopped for forestcats Hanukkah present, and even got it wrapped! Home, I climbed onto the new horse, who we've named Yogi. He didn't throw me, though he did manage to keep his chest expanded when my beloved put the saddle on, so it shifted a bit during use.

Later, I read a couple comic books (Tigers of Terra #1, which is just as disjoint as any of Nomura's previous works, and Desolation Jones, which is still pretty quirky), and then I watched three out of four episodes of ST:TNG, whatever season the disk from Netflix is from...4th? 5th? Whatever. It included the episode with Cadet Crusher in the stunt flying team.

Today, we will be swamped, between services, my hospital rounds, a surprise birthday party, and the Yankee Swap. More on these, later.