January 16th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Once again, my spouse's birthday has come and gone. It's my failing that in my eyes she hasn't aged a bit, but I still enjoy holding her hand, talking with her, and just being nearby. I'm a lucky man.

Saturday morning we went to religious services, at which the group acknowledged forestcats impending birthday. Hearty congratulations were exchanged and after a nibble at the Oneg Shabbat, we went shopping for the foodstuffs for the party that night. As usual, we had too much on hand, but less extensive amounts than we might have done in the past.

I, as designated bartender, prepared Sangria, and Alien Secretions in advance in a pair of pitchers. As the party got rolling, I had to refill the pitchers: the libations were acceptable. We had several friends join us for the evening, and axelicious was kind enough to grill hamburgers outside on a cold night. After the ladies chowed down, and were well-stocked with alcohol, axelicious and I retired to the living room, and played on the PS2 for a while, until the party slowed down. Although we offered crash space, most drove home on their own. The highlight seemed to be the conversation, but we left the women to it, and so I can't be entirely sure. Everyone who attended, it was a pleasure to have you all.

Sunday, I looked up the Norco Rodeo; they were holding the California State Finals this weekend, and we went to the rodeo almost as soon as we were up, as they started the main event at 1PM. dearest_b would have melted into a puddle of goo, as there were tall, strong, handsome cowboys everywhere you looked, with their Texas or Southern accents, and polite attitudes. The quality of the competition was very high, but the cold weather seemed to really affect the bull riders, even if it didn't seem to affect some of the others; some of the runs were the fastest of the weekend. We left it colder, though we bundled appropriately, but happy with the day.

On the way westbound on the freeway, we were able to discern the comet on the horizon as the sun set. It was as bright as Venus, though not as large; at first I took it to be an aircraft heading for LAX, but it essentially didn't change position the way an aircraft would. It was delightful to share it with forestcats.

We followed that with dinner at Tony Roma's so that the dogs could share in the celebration of forestcats birthday, and we brought them a bunch of beef ribs. Happy dogs.

Followed that by finishing disc 3 of first season 24; a couple of interesting tidbits dropped, but I'm not convinced that it's going anywhere all that breathtaking. We'll see.

In that vein, last night we watched a purchased copy of The Leper of St. Giles, a Brother Cadfael show; it's the only one that Netflix doesn't carry, and I had ordered it via Ebay. Beautifully done, though not as engrossing as the books were.

And the beat goes on...